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madame_muppet's Journal

Madame Muppet
am an ex-law student. hate that it is a point of identification but it is. that degree is like a parasite and seriously just invades and conquers. i hate it, if that makes it any less degrading?!?!? wil return to it, if only because I refuse to be beaten by something as stoopid. used to be an arts student. did my thesis on Internet Communities and Queer Theory (Slash Communities), yeh thats right was an excuse for a bit of intellectual masturbation and otherwise. now i work in an internet based dating agency. yeah, really. am obsessed with angelina jolie, am lucky she doesn't live in Sydney, Australia (or would be locked up by now), I think it is very unfair we cannot be together. HMPH! my other primary object of affection would be bret easton ellis, have very sensitive gag reflex but would consider sucking his cock. spend too much time online when i should be out frolicking. spend too much time out frolicking when i should be studying and at uni. spend far too much time studying and at uni (though no lecturer would agree it seems). and i do not understand people who find Irish accents appealing.